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06 Jan


Strand by strand hair extensions are very delicate, but once you get the hang of them they are easy to take care of. They are a great option for clients that enjoy having all of the hair out and not braided. You should have an adequate thickness of hair to cover the extensions. Ideally your hair should be at least 4-6 inches long. If your hair is closer to 4 inches you should option for extensions that are a natural length in comparison to your own hair so it blends better. For example if your hair is 4 inches I do not recommend getting extensions that are 22 inches. It will not blend as well. If your hair tends to be dry and mattes easily I do not recommend strand by strand extension methods. Strand by stand methods are not considered a protective style it is considered a hair extension method. Protective styles only applies to methods in which your hair is not exposed.   Read >

01 Oct


So recently I've seen allot of people posting about makeup products by an company called Younique. I decided to purchase some lip glosses a while back from a young lady I follow on Instagram. I liked the glosses, but I'm pretty easy to satisfy when it come to lip gloss. I saw multiple posts by multiple representatives about another product they offer called Moonstruck Fiberlash.

I am very picky when it comes to my mascara. I've always wanted the individual lash extensions, but since I'm a contact lens wearer I have to be careful about the adhesive getting wet and going into my eyes when I change
my lenses. I've tried the band lashes and the clusters. Once the adhesive gets wet with my tears it seeps into my eyes and burns. A cousin of mines started selling the Younique products so I decided to give the Moonstruck Fiberlash a try. When I initially opened the package then opened the two tubes I thought one was a dried up mascara brush and thought I had been ripped off lol because I failed to read the instructions. Upon successfully reading the instructions I realized what I thought was an empty tube was actually the fibers.

The products is actually a lash enhancer.


  Read >


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You're Already Beautiful, Let Me Make You Look Fabulous

I am a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in multicultural weaves and hair extensions.  I am a Qualified Hair Practitioner of the International Association of Trichologists. I am certified in fusion and microlink, HotHeads, & DreamCatchers Hair Extensions. I also offer other various weave and extension methods, including custom weave methods. I believe in enhancing ones beauty to bring out the inner diva. When you look good, you feel good. I also offer scalp therapies and analysis for those suffering from hair loss issues. There is usually no more than one or two clients in the studio at a time so no long waits. If you have hair/scalp issues and require a private appointment please email me at in advance so I can try to accommodate your request.

I have worked on films, pilots, BET's my Black is Beautiful celebrity event, various photo shoots, fashion shows, brides, and has been a stylist for a few of the area socialites.



Extension Methods Currently Offered:
- Braidless Weave
- Versatile Closure Weave
- Keratin Fusion Extensions (Warm Method)
- Microtube or Microlink Extensions
- Traditional Weaves
- HotHeads Hair Extensions
- DreamCatchers Extensions
- Glam 90 Minute Extensions
- Combination Weave Methods
- Custom Weave Methods
- Microlink Wig Attachment
- Sewn Wig Attachment

Certifications & Continuing Education

- Evie Johnson: Qualified Hair Practitioner of the
  International Association of Trichologists

- Hair Academy: Licensed Cosmetologist

 _Marcella Ellis: Fusion & Microlink Certification

- HotHeads Hairwear: Certified Technician

- DreamCatchers Hair Extensions: Certified Technician

- Bachelors: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  Major: Human Ecology Minor: Business Administration


Please scroll down to see all services and special offers and availability.



Thank you for an excellent weave install.

I LOVE LOVE the hair. I have received so many compliments in the last couple of days. From your professionalism prior to my appointment to the higher level of professionalism I received during my appointment, I am so satisfied.

I received some good weave education as well.

I will definitely be back!! It is so hard to find a quality stylist and I have found one.

Thanks again

Erica S

Gina is awesome! She is professional, and personal at the same time. She has reasonable prices for great service! I recommend her to anyone!


I've been going to Gina for almost 2 years and she ALWAYS does a beautiful job with my hair.  When I first started going to her my hair was very damaged but since going to Gina my hair is now healthy and full. I  get a sew in weave and I always leave with a smile on my face:)  Gina also does my mother hair and every time she gets it done its PERFECT!   She is very professional and she is a great person. I would highly recommend for anyone to try her hair services!

Ashley W

So you liked the service?

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The makeup and hair is perfect and the photos would not have turned out the same without them. Thanks for creating the perfect look! I can't wait to send them to you :) It was definitely my favorite shoot so far. Some outdoor shots in a field with the sunset...there is one close-up with the awesome makeup and the sunsetting next to my face. Can't wait to get them!"

Amanda B

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