What type of products should I use on my extensions? How do I care for my extensions/weave?


Remember that extensions/weaves are attached to your hair. Improper brushing can lead to excessive pulling on your hair which an lead to breakage of your hair.

Hold hair firmly at the top (below braids or bonds) and brush hair. Avoid pulling extension bonds or attachments.


If your extensions are 100% human hair you can curl or straighten them. I do not suggest using synthetic hair extensions unless it's for a few days. They will tangle up. If you purchase hair from me it's 100% human hair. Only turn flat iron or flat iron between 360-380 degrees. If desired you can add a little Aragan or Moroccan Oil before straightening.


Dry your roots/braids as soon as possible after swimming.

Weaves: Make sure to dry your roots or braids completely after swimming.

Fusion/Skin Wefts: You can swim with your extension but prolonged exposure to the water will weaken your bonds.

Quick and bonded weaves: Swimming with these method is not recommended.


I suggest shampoos that are sulfate free. A few suggestions:
  • Morrocan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Treatment
  • Pureology Antifade Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Aragan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Treatment

If your installation has been applied with any type of adhesive, skin wefts or fusion, do not wash your hair for 24-48 hours after application.

To extend the life of your extensions hair shouldn't be washed more than twice a week.

Always brush extensions with an extension brush or paddle brush before shampooing to assure that all of the tangles are out.

Do not wash your hair bending forward for any of the extension methods.

Its best to wash your hair while taking a shower or with a professional with your head back in the bowl.

For fusion and microfusion extensions, try to keep the conditioner away from the bonds or beads. You want to avoid them loosing or slipping.


For all methods the blow-dryer can be used.

For fusion: Do not put blow-dryer heat directly on the bonds.

For weaves with braids: Make sure braids are dried completely.


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